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trying to install v2 but "latest" docker image is always v1

I tried to install the latest PMM on CentOs but calling "latest" docker always pulls the version 1.

 docker pull percona/pmm-server:latest 

maybe it is my fault but i suppose that "latest" tag is for pulling version2.

am I right?



  • steve.hoffmansteve.hoffman Percona Percona Staff Role

    Normally, yes but we have 2 more parity items we want to ensure make it in to V2 before we update the "latest" tag. For now you can use percona/pmm-server:2 to get the latest in the 2.x series.

  • adivinhoadivinho Percona Percona Staff Role
    edited September 17


    Sad to say but tag "latest" is pointing to 1.17.4 version.

    Please use tag "2"

    docker pull percona/pmm-server:2

  • joselituxjoselitux Current User Role Novice
    edited September 17

    thanks a lot

  • steve.hoffmansteve.hoffman Percona Percona Staff Role

    I thought there was a comment about pmm client but maybe i'm losing my mind! At any rate, for posterities sake, because pmm2 was a complete rewrite of PMM1 there's no upgrade path and we decided to name the client pmm2-client to avoid a package conflict.

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