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Xtrabackup syntax question

streamingsystemsstreamingsystems Current User Role Beginner
Hi All,
I am new to xtra back and have been combing through the docs all day to get familiar with the usage.. but I am stuck..

I have multiple databases in my system and want to be able to just back up a single database (and all it's tables). 
I have a multi-tenant system with each "customer" (tenant) their own database. 
I want to be able to export each database and all of it's tables so if I need to restore one customer's data I can do so easily. 
When I try:
sudo xtrabackup --backup --target-dir=/my/target/dir --host= --password=mypassword --user=myuser --databases="mydatabase"
When I run this... it does not backup any of the tables for "mydatabase". 
I tried databases="mydatabase.*" thinking it would grab all of the tables with the wildcard, but when I run it I see "skipping... <table name>". 
I am sure this is very trivial but I can't seem to figure it out. 



  • vadimtkvadimtk Contributor Percona Staff Role
    --databases="mydatabase" should work, can you please post the FULL log you see running xtrabackup ?
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