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Error trying to create a backup

Hi guys!
We are configuring a backup policy in our cluster. We've defined two storage types (s3 and pvc). When we run an on demand backup, we get this error in pod logs:
+ peer-list -on-start=/usr/bin/get-pxc-state -service=cluster1-pxc
2020/09/10 14:37:27 Peer finder enter
2020/09/10 14:37:27 Determined Domain to be pxc.svc.cluster.local
2020/09/10 14:37:27 Peer list updated
was []
now [cluster1-pxc-0.cluster1-pxc.pxc.svc.cluster.local cluster1-pxc-1.cluster1-pxc.pxc.svc.cluster.local cluster1-pxc-2.cluster1-pxc.pxc.svc.cluster.local]
2020/09/10 14:37:27 execing: /usr/bin/get-pxc-state with stdin: cluster1-pxc-0.cluster1-pxc.pxc.svc.cluster.local
2020/09/10 14:37:27 
2020/09/10 14:37:28 Peer finder exiting
[ERROR] Cannot find node for backup
+ echo '[ERROR] Cannot find node for backup'
+ exit 1
Do you have any clue about what is happening?
Many thanks in advance! :)


  • vadimtkvadimtk Contributor Percona Staff Role
    It seems ALL your nodes are in "Donor/Desynced:" state, which is not normal, but it is impossible to say why it happened.
    For backup to start it needs to find a node in "Synced" status.
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