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Unable to pull docker pmm-server image

akhilrakhilr EntrantLegacy User Role Contributor
Hi There,
I am unable to pull docker pmm-server on my RHEL 7 machine. I understand that I 've some firewall restrictions are in place to install it. But I'm seeking help here to understand is there any work around/resolution for the error listed below. 
[[email protected] tmp]# docker create -v /srv --name pmm-data percona/pmm-server:2 /bin/trueUnable to find image 'percona/pmm-server:2' locallyTrying to pull repository ...Trying to pull repository ...Trying to pull repository ...Trying to pull repository ...Get proxyconnect tcp: net/http: TLS handshake timeout
Also I downloaded pmm-server docker image from percona repository. I'm not sure how to use that docker image to start pmm container. Any help on these will be appreciated. 
Thank you very much.



  • steve.hoffmansteve.hoffman Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hmmm not near a computer now but sounds like docker may be having issues. Will check as soon as I get home.  What you downloaded from the Percona site is a docker container image and you can import that (docker import) into your list of images and from there issue the run command to turn it into a valid container. Hope that helps for now. 
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