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Why restore failed with "error demultiplexing archive" error?

vvolvvol Current User Role Poster
I'm currently trying to restore backup to freshly installed mongodb instance and get the following error while restoring collection:

[ERROR] restore/2020-09-07T10:54:20Z: restore: restore mongo dump (successes: 26676221 / fails: 0): BetaProcessing.email_log: error restoring from archive on stdin: reading bson input: error demultiplexing archive; archive io error

Error happens in the middle of restore process (so some collections restored successfully) and each time with different collection.
PBM version is the latest - 1.3.1, already happened with both pbm 1.1.3 and 1.2.0.
MongoDB version is 4.0.6. It is replica set with single node in it.

Can you explain me what the problem is? I suspect it can be related to MongoDB itself but not sure.
Thanks in advance.
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