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trying to startup mysql server for the first time getting Unable to create temporary file; errno: 2

ipcmlripcmlr Current User Role Contributor
I'm trying to startup the mysql server for the first time.
I'm using a config file i used for version 5.7
I'm on centos 7.8.2003

I cannot startup and am getting: Unable to create temporary file; errno: 2
And its not telling me where its trying to create the temporary file. Its very generic.

Below is a snippet of the error log:

2020-08-13T17:17:32.451579-04:00 1 [System] [MY-013576] [InnoDB] InnoDB initialization has started.
2020-08-13T17:17:32.451677-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-013546] [InnoDB] Atomic write enabled
2020-08-13T17:17:32.451743-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012274] [InnoDB] The first innodb_system data file 'ibdata1' did not exist. A new tablespace will be created!
2020-08-13T17:17:32.451810-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012932] [InnoDB] PUNCH HOLE support available
2020-08-13T17:17:32.451865-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012943] [InnoDB] Mutexes and rw_locks use GCC atomic builtins
2020-08-13T17:17:32.451915-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012944] [InnoDB] Uses event mutexes
2020-08-13T17:17:32.451965-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012945] [InnoDB] GCC builtin __atomic_thread_fence() is used for memory barrier
2020-08-13T17:17:32.452042-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012948] [InnoDB] Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.11
2020-08-13T17:17:32.454062-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-013251] [InnoDB] Number of pools: 1
2020-08-13T17:17:32.454296-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012951] [InnoDB] Using CPU crc32 instructions
2020-08-13T17:17:32.454847-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012203] [InnoDB] Directories to scan './'
2020-08-13T17:17:32.455007-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012204] [InnoDB] Scanning './'
2020-08-13T17:17:32.455115-04:00 1 [Note] [MY-012208] [InnoDB] Completed space ID check of 0 files.
2020-08-13T17:17:32.455211-04:00 1 [ERROR] [MY-012576] [InnoDB] Unable to create temporary file; errno: 2
2020-08-13T17:17:32.455288-04:00 1 [ERROR] [MY-012929] [InnoDB] InnoDB Database creation was aborted with error Generic error. You may need to delete the ibdata1 file before trying to start up again.
2020-08-13T17:17:32.471618-04:00 0 [ERROR] [MY-010020] [Server] Data Dictionary initialization failed.
2020-08-13T17:17:32.471736-04:00 0 [ERROR] [MY-013236] [Server] The designated data directory /var/lib/mysql/data/ is unusable. You can remove all files that the server added to it.
2020-08-13T17:17:32.471856-04:00 0 [ERROR] [MY-010119] [Server] Aborting
2020-08-13T17:17:32.471893-04:00 0 [Note] [MY-010120] [Server] Binlog end
2020-08-13T17:17:32.473157-04:00 0 [System] [MY-010910] [Server] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete (mysqld 8.0.20-11)  Percona Server (GPL), Release 11, Revision 5b5a5d2.

Best Answer

  • ipcmlripcmlr Current User Role Contributor
    Accepted Answer
    Ok. this was caused because my tempdir was inside my datadir and I could not startup a fresh install with a non empty datadir, so it was always missing.
    So this part has been resolved.

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