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XtraBackup 2.x vs 8.x

caotcaot Current User Role Beginner
edited August 12 in Percona XtraBackup
percona-xtrabackup-2.1.6 provided innobackupex, however xtrabackup-80 does't have such a script anymore.
Can the innobackupex still be used? Or it's not needed?
Is there any document on the upgrade and the major change?

Best Answer

  • matthewbmatthewb Senior [email protected] Percona Staff Role
    Accepted Answer
    Hello caot,
    innobackupex is no longer needed. Everything is contained within the `xtrabackup` command. This has actually been the case ever since xtrabackup-2.4. innobackupex was just a wrapper/pointer to the xtrabackup binary. 2.1.6 is very, very, old. There is plenty of documentation on our website for the changes.
    At a basic level, you can take a backup like this:
    xtrabackup --backup --target-dir /var/backup --parallel 4

    That will create a full backup and store it in /var/backup

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