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how to migrate MySQL user + password + permission from old MySQL to a newer mysQL

DBA100DBA100 Current User Role Patron
We are doing Percona XtraDB cluster migration from 5.7x to 8.0.19, any idea on how to migration username, password and their respective permission to the new servers?

my SQL workbench seems not good on this using migration wizard! a lot of error will comes out.
Any idea on what is the way and tools to do it.

for me I other than mysql workbench , I  can do only mysqldump backup and restore:
mysqldump -uroot -p --host=<DB host we want to back from > --all-databases --events --routines --triggers --replace --master-data=2 > <dump_file.sql>
and restore:
mysql --host=<DB host we want to restore to > -u root -p < <dump_file.sql>

this is not enough, right? 

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