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PMM2 manual page "Updating PMM2 server via Docker"

the manual page for updating PMM2 server via Docker seems a little outdated:
$ docker exec -it pmm-server head -1 /srv/update/main.yml
That command doesn't work for PMM2, and also doesn't work with container name "pmm-server2".
The directory "/srv/update/" seems to be empty.
Is there a command to extract the version from a PMM2 container?
Also, most commands on the page reference "pmm-server" instead of "pmm-server2", which I believe is the new default name?

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  • steve.hoffmansteve.hoffman Percona Percona Staff Role
    That's an error on our part (I'll create a Jira to get that page fixed ASAP)! 
    pmm-server is whatever you called it at the point of "docker run"...most of our docs stick with pmm-server regardless of version but the command to get the currently running version is clearly wrong as there's no main.yml in the /srv/update directory inside the container.  
    We've not yet flipped the tag for percona/pmm-server:latest to reference pmm2 as there are a few items we'd like to get done from a parity standpoint but the soon-to-be released 2.9.0 will have 2 big ones that get us closer to being able to make that switch.  For now to upgrade your container you can use percona/pmm-server:2 tag which will pull the latest image in the 2.x series.  
  • steffensteffen Current User Role Supporter
    Also possible:
    docker exec -it pmm-server2 ls -1 "/usr/share/licenses/"|grep pmm-server
    But probably more prone to changes than the API call.
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