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How can rsync connect to other nodes without user and password.

charlesjuycharlesjuy Current User Role Beginner
I am new to the MariaDB Galera cluster. Questions:
1) How can SST "rsync" method sync files from the donor to the joiner without using a username and password?
2) How can SST "mariabackup" method stream the file from the donor to the joiner? Is it also using rsync  


  • yves.trudeauyves.trudeau Percona Percona Staff Role
    These days, you shouldn't use the rsync SST method, it locks the database (and the then whole cluster) for the duration of the SST.  The MariaBackup and Xtrabackup, those 2 are very similar, are non locking and streams the backup to the joiner node using netcat (nc) or socat on port 4444/TCP by default.
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