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Does the operator support on demand shutdown and startup

I am working on a scenario where the db cluster needs to stop and start up as required... 
I know there is always kubectl delete cr.yaml command, which would obviously destroy all the pods. But then to start them up again, I would have to use kubectl apply command again right? Is there a functionality by which the cluster can be stopped (in place of getting completely destroyed) and then started up again?


  • DGBDGB Inactive User Role
    Hi, there is!
    You can put the cluster on pause, by changing the value of the spec.pause key to "true" as explained here:
    after changing it, apply the new spec: kubectl apply -f deploy/cr.yaml
  • AnjithaAnjitha Current User Role Contributor
    Sorry if I'm wrong, but isn't that for the xtraDB cluster? Can that value be used for mongoDB as well? As far as I know, there is no value like spec.pause... 
    I will try it out regardless. Thank you! 
  • AnjithaAnjitha Current User Role Contributor
    Just a note that I did try this, but I guess it is a spec for xtraDB, not MongoDB operator for k8s. Would be really great if a similar feature is provided for on demand shutdown of mongoDB clusters. 
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