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Binlog Consistency in Galera cluster

RkotRkot Current User Role Contributor
We have a 3 node MySQL 5.7 galera cluster. The binlog_format=ROW.
There is another application which reads to the binlog at a particular node, in case of failover of the application will it still be able to read from the binlogs of the original node ?
Do i need to enable log_slave_updates  for binlogs to be consistent ?


  • vaibhav_upadhyay40vaibhav_upadhyay40 Contributor Current User Role Patron
    Hi @Rkot
    In-case of fail-over of an Application , i think you don't need to change anything on DB.
    Its an application level fail-over and not DB level.

    log_slave_updates, it will be useful when you want to add another node to this cluster and want to log the changes to binlog to further replicate to another async slave etc.
  • przemekprzemek Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role

    Hi, without log_slave_updates updated, writes on one Galera node will not be binlogged on another node. So if your app needs to read all writes happening in the cluster, you need that one enabled on all.

    As far as Galera replication alone is concerned, you don't need binlogs at all, but having them has many benefits, including the PITR opportunity.

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