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Which credentials shall we use to access local metrics endpoint?

Chr0myChr0my Current User Role Contributor
We are successfully using PMM (2.6.1) and it works well.
But I have a  (stupid?) question: When I want to access the node's metrics locally, i.e mynode:42000/metrics, I am asked for credentials, which ones am I supposed to use ?
For sure, I tried with the pmm user / password, but it doesn't work, so I'm a bit lost.
Any help that would be appreciated.
Thank you !

Best Answers

  • adivinhoadivinho Percona Percona Staff Role
    Accepted Answer
    You should use an agent_id as a password and username pmm.
    Please take a look at the next example


  • Chr0myChr0my Current User Role Contributor
    Well, that's something I could hardly guess, it works thank you :)
    Is it documented somewhere ?
  • Chr0myChr0my Current User Role Contributor
    Ok, thank you for your quick answer ;)
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