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Website Performance Tutorial

ShivambhateleShivambhatele EntrantCurrent User Role Contributor
Hello All, I am working on my site and I want to improve a performance and loading speed of my site. Can anyone suggest me any website performance tutorial, where I can learn how to optimize it and get better performance?


  • vaibhav_upadhyay40vaibhav_upadhyay40 Contributor Current User Role Patron
    Hi @Shivambhatele
    I would suggest to google it for tutorials. 

    Its always good to have faster application/website, however this is open-ended question and requires some details to get solution and achieve your goal. Many factors which comes into the picture when you want to improve loading speed or for optimisation of website.  

    Few things i would recommend .
    1) Identify the problem area.
    for eg,
    Is it a particular page/call issue?
    Is there any database issue/slowness?
    Are you facing code level issue ?
    Network latency ?
    user specific issue ?
    at x amount of load on site you may be facing issue?
    contention in any area (resources  performance) ?

    2) Once you identify, please  monitoring data (better to have graphs to make better discussion).
    3) Try to identify the issue pattern, if any 
    4) Share these details in your post to get help. along with logs and monitoring data. 

    Hope this helps..

  • ShivambhateleShivambhatele Entrant Current User Role Contributor
    Thanks @vaibhav_upadhyay40 I have checked on google to find the tutorials and I have found this listing site which provides a list of best website performance tutorials. Can you check this and suggest me which one is better?
  • vaibhav_upadhyay40vaibhav_upadhyay40 Contributor Current User Role Patron
    Hey @Shivambhatele ,
    i am sorry, i don't have much experience on this so can really suggest which one to pick. 

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