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PMM2 2.7.0 PMM Query Analytics Looks problematic T_T

FanFan ContributorCurrent User Role Patron
Incomplete display, text is not very easy to describe, please download the Screen recording gif here

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  • FanFan Contributor Current User Role Patron
    I had time to test it in the virtual machine environment today, and it seems that it is indeed a problem caused by the upgrade. A new installation of 2.7 does not have the above problems
  • roma.novikovroma.novikov Percona Percona Staff Role
    @Fan , just fo our  statistics: what version this "problematic" install was and what virtualization do you use? 

  • FanFan Contributor Current User Role Patron
    PMM2.3, docker. 
    Afterwards, it was discovered that my colleague used the update button on the home page to upgrade :/
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