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User Ranks Explained

Tom BasilTom Basil PerconaAdmin Role
edited September 22 in Forum User Help

Ranks recognize your participation in the Forum through a process of earning points.  The more points you earn, the higher your rank.  Your current rank is shown as part of your user profile.  Ranks and their qualifications are:

  • Beginner:  0 or 1 point

  • Novice:  From 2 to 9 points   
  • Contributor:  From 10 to 24 points

  • Supporter:  From 25 to 49 points

  • Patron:  From 50 to 249 points

  • Senior Advisor:  From 250 to 499 points & CEO nomination

  • Senior Mentor:  From 500 to 999 points & CEO nomination

  • Senior Leader:  1,000 or above points & CEO nomination

Points are automatically awarded each time you ask a question, post an answer, or have been recognized by others for making a valuable contribution.   See How To Earn Points for the points awarded for each type of relevant activity.

The leading point recipients are displayed on Leaderboards shown at the bottom of most screens.  

A different scheme of ranks and points existed before September 2020.  All prior ranks have been eliminated.  Percona reserves the right to alter points, badges, ranks, and Leaderboards at any time and at our sole discretion.

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