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How To Report Bugs

If you believe you found a bug in any Percona software, do not report it via these Forums.  Instead report it to Percona using  Anyone can create an account and report a bug there.   Before reporting a bug, ask these questions:
  • Has the bug already been reported?  Search Jira to find out.
  • Can the bug be consistently triggered?  A one time fluke is likely not a bug.
  • Does the bug appear in the latest version?  It may already have been fixed.
If you still believe a bug exists, do this in Jira:
  1. Find the relevant software project.
  2. Click "Create (Issue).
  3. Explain exactly what you did.
  4. Explain what you wanted or expected to happen.
  5. Explain what actually happened and why this is a bug.
  6. Report only one bug per issue.
  7. Do not include any private data (names, account ids, etc.)
If you are a paid customer of Percona, report the bug instead via our customer portal at  If you want to explore the benefits of becoming a Percona customer, visit

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