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Host list empty after adding PMM-Client to PMM-server

ISSUE: Database host (client) not appearing on PMM server GUI --> 'Host'.
: Server and client are on a different network

OS : Ubuntu ------ client (14.04), Server (18.04)
Instillation type: Docker based
PMM-version : server-1.17.3     client-1.17.1

1) PMM-server setup done (no issue)
docker run -d -p server.private.i.p:1234:80 -e --METRICS_RETENTION=4380h  --volumes-from pmm-data    --name pmm-server    --restart always    percona/pmm-server:latest

2) PMM-client setup done (no issue)
pmm-admin config --server server.public.i.p:1234--bind-address client.private.i.p --client-address client.public.i.p

3) PMM-client config done (no issue)
pmm-admin add mysql --user username --password 'password'

4) pmm-admin check-network (screenshot attached)
5) pmm-admin list (screenshot attached)
6) pmm gui "MySQL_Overview" dashboard screenshot attached, which reflect even after above command successful run client doesn't appear in GUI.
7) client side error log: attached. (pmm-linux-metrics-42000.log and pmm-mysql-metrics-42002.log)

Please help to solve this issue.

Best Answer

  • PeterPeter Percona CEO Percona Moderator Role
    Accepted Answer
    You can see Client is able to connect to Server but Server is not able to reach back to the  Exporters on the client.  
    Do you have some NAT or Firewall between client and server ?   


  • vaibhav_upadhyay40vaibhav_upadhyay40 Contributor Current User Role Patron
    Yes we have a firewall, because Client and Server are on a different network. I will check again on the connectivity.
    Thank you Peter.. 
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