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Pmm2 adding external source

GhanGhan EntrantCurrent User Role Supporter
After implementing "external source" feature, i tried it out with my RabbitMQ instance. I added it via "pmm-admin add external --service-name="RabbitMQ Data" --listen-port=5672" and it added. Now how can i see it at Grafana? I could not find any doc about it, can you help please?


  • adivinhoadivinho Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Ghan,
    You may check collected metrics in Prometheus and create your own dashboards.

  • GhanGhan Entrant Current User Role Supporter
    Thanks @adivinho but it did not work. Did i miss something?
  • GhanGhan Entrant Current User Role Supporter
    Hello all,
    when i checked via "pmm-admin list" command, my external exporters are at unknown status ??
    [email protected]:/home/otonet# pmm-admin list
    Service type  Service name         Address and port  Service ID
    External      RabbitMQ Management                    /service_id/2c0914c7-2bb3-46f9-be22-3b127ce2ffc6
    External      RabbitMQ Data                          /service_id/e91983a1-44eb-447d-b8a1-13b3ecc6930c

    Agent type                  Status     Agent ID                                        Service ID
    pmm_agent                   Connected  /agent_id/4391d7c1-2d60-4687-b271-b41a3fd6f564
    node_exporter               Running    /agent_id/225451a0-8bbe-4985-bddc-535ef26f5088
    external-exporter           Unknown    /agent_id/ade25f4b-9397-4ea4-ac7e-eaad2fc9d148  /service_id/e91983a1-44eb-447d-b8a1-13b3ecc6930c
    external-exporter           Unknown    /agent_id/e66df7e3-b1eb-4b81-bb9d-9a3d2cf7247d  /service_id/2c0914c7-2bb3-46f9-be22-3b127ce2ffc6

    Also, states are down?
    Is there any way to listen systemd at linux (like old pmm lunix:metrics)? For example, it simple, i need to listen web ports (nginx). How can i do that?

  • GhanGhan Entrant Current User Role Supporter
    I think informations are mixed.
    What i need : I need to monitor a service running inside linux. (It can be possible with tracking pid file or listening ports) Like postfix, nginx, ssh etc.

    What external source feature provide : I have to install external "exporter" such as nginx_exporter or rabbitmq_exporter of prometheus.
    If i am right, how can i achive my goal?
  • adivinhoadivinho Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Ghan,
    You can make it by using textfile-collector feature of the node_exporter.
    So you should create a bash script that would tracking pid files or listening ports.

    Here is a step-by-step instruction for using this feature. It's written for PMM1 so please use a different folder for placing files with metrics.
    Here are list of folder for PMM2:
  • GhanGhan Entrant Current User Role Supporter
    Thx adivinho, i found another solution:
    I created a another node_exporter service with --collector.systemd option. Then i created external source from pmm-admin on its port. Im able to get status each service of server. (Prometheus query : node_systemd_unit_state{name="nginx.service",state="active"}) 
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