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Use pt-table-sync to re-sync table when ignored_replicate_table Master-slave model

bienkmabienkma Current User Role Contributor
Hi there,
I have db02 is replicated by db01 and I have ignored replication  t1 table on db02 last week. Now I want to re-replicate t1 table again. So I can use pt-table-sync for solving  the problem? And if the  answer is  yes How to do?
Thank you very much!


  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    Hi, I would suggest to do a mysqldump and restore of that table instead of using pt-table-sync. Basically prevent applications from updating the table, stop slave replication, remove the replication filter, dump and restore the table then resume replication. Another option would be to dump the table from the master, drop the table, remove replication filter, restart replication and then restore the table from the master. I would suggest testing either of these procedures prior to implementing them.
  • bienkmabienkma Current User Role Contributor
    Hi Jrivera,
    Thank you for your reply but my expectation is a little downtime there. In my situation, the table was too big and we will take a lot of time to dump and restore it then replication. 
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