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Create Replicasset MongoDB avec Kuberntes Operator

I  am trying to deploy a MongoDB replication followning this tutorials . When I start the replicas, I get the following logs:
2020-05-22T08:26:14.671+0000 I  CONTROL  [initandlisten] ** WARNING: While invalid X509 certificates may be used to
2020-05-22T08:26:14.671+0000 I  CONTROL  [initandlisten] **          connect to this server, they will not be considered
2020-05-22T08:26:14.671+0000 I  CONTROL  [initandlisten] **          permissible for authentication.

2020-05-22T08:26:23.029+0000 I  NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from X.X.X.X:44528 #2 (2 connections now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:23.030+0000 I  NETWORK  [conn2] end connection X.X.X.X:44528 (1 connection now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:26.029+0000 I  NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from #3 (2 connections now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:26.030+0000 I  NETWORK  [conn3] end connection X.X.X.X:44548 (1 connection now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:28.721+0000 I  NETWORK  [conn1] end connection X.X.X.X:40656 (0 connections now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:29.029+0000 I  NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from X.X.X.X:44580 #4 (1 connection now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:29.029+0000 I  NETWORK  [conn4] end connection X.X.X.X:44580 (0 connections now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:32.029+0000 I  NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from X.X.X.X:44606 #5 (1 connection now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:32.030+0000 I  NETWORK  [conn5] end connection X.X.X.X:44606 (0 connections now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:33.814+0000 I  NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from X.X.X.X:40812 #6 (1 connection now open)
2020-05-22T08:26:33.815+0000 I  NETWORK  [conn6] SSL mode is set to 'preferred' and connection 6 to X.X.X.X:40812 is not using SSL.
When I run kubectl describe I got this output:
 Warning  Unhealthy               13m        kubelet, lab-beta2  Liveness probe failed: 2020-05-22 08:27:29.077 main.go:74       INFO   ssl connection error: no reachable servers
2020-05-22 08:27:29.078 main.go:81       FATAL  Error connecting to mongodb: no reachable servers

I am using kubenetes 1.17
Thank you,


  • IvanPylypenkoIvanPylypenko Percona Staff Role
    Could you please share with us the contents of ssl secrets?
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