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Percona Cluster to Cluster Setup

meyerdermeyerder EntrantCurrent User Role Patron
I have been looking at several9s and it looks like they offer a cluster to cluster replication.  
I am looking to be geographically diverse and have the second cluster run 30 min or so behind the primary cluster (slave delay basically)  I have not figured out how to make two clusters talk to each other other than adding the remote site into the primary cluster.  Does any documentation exist for this?



  • jriverajrivera Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    What you want to have here is two separate clusters A and B and cluster B is a slave of Cluster A and only "reads" go to cluster B if at all required knowing that you want it to be delayed. Basically setup two clusters and then choose one node from A and B to be the async nodes. Configure standard asynchronous replication from Cluster A node3 as master to Cluster B node1 as slave. Configure slave replication on Cluster B node1 as delayed. We do not recommend master-master replication between these two nodes (inferring from your comment regarding - "two clusters talking to each other").
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