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Cluster wide kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster

Hello community,
I am quiete new with using Percona . I was wonderning if there is a possibility to have a cluster wide operator.
Basically allowing the creation of differents clusters in differents namespaces.
Thank you in advance.


  • IvanPylypenkoIvanPylypenko Percona Staff Role
    Cluster wide scope is not supported since the operator uses role based privileges, which narrows the operation to operators' namespace.
    However if you're interested in such functionality, you can escalate your request to the corresponding Percona department.
  • dbcoderdbcoder Current User Role Novice
    Thank you for your quick response :). How can I do that?
  • IvanPylypenkoIvanPylypenko Percona Staff Role
    You will be contacted by our sales team.
    Cluster wide operation is not on our agenda and we would need some priority adjustments if you confirm your interest in this feature.
  • dbcoderdbcoder Current User Role Novice
    Yes our team is very intersted by this feature.
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