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Setting up Percona on Google cloud SQL

DalmiaDalmia Current User Role Contributor
I using Google cloudSQL and want to configure Percona with the same. Can you please guide me how to integrate Percona on Google cloud SQL, othan than the percona installation from Marketpalce?


  • stingerstinger Entrant Current User Role Contributor
    Just, create a compute engine VM instance with desired OS and setup with guide for this OS. Actually I use centos 7.
  • DalmiaDalmia Current User Role Contributor
    edited May 1
    That I am aware of setting of VM instance with the desired OS for Percona client. What I looking for is how to setup or configure Percona agent in Google CloudSQL? IS there any document for the same?
  • PeterPeter Percona CEO Percona Moderator Role
    If you're looking for setting up Percona Monitoring and Management monitoring you better file question in that forum instead. 
    You can add Remote Instance as described here
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