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Remove the Postgres Instance from pmm2 console

Hi, Actually I have Added the Postgres RDS Instance via console using Add remote postgres instance. But now I want to Remove that node. Can someone help me on this Request.


  • kalyankalyan Current User Role Patron
    Hi Team,
    After adding the RDS Postgres Instance via console using Add remote postgres Instance, There was no way to remove it.
    The Target instance was not even showing when we use pmm-admin list command. 
    But i Tried to remove using pmm-admin Remove command even when i don't see the service type and service name.
    It worked. 
    So, this needs to be Taken care by percona Team. I think it is a Bug. when we try to add any instance through console it should display the details when we execute pmm-admin list command.
  • adivinhoadivinho Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Kalyan,
    Now there is really no possibility to remove an RDS instance through UI.
    Such functionality will be added in a future release.
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