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[error]: Percona backup for MongoDB -- Error while doing Restore -- "not master"

Gowtham RajGowtham Raj Current User Role Novice
Hello team,
pbm version:
Version:   1.1.1Platform:  linux/amd64GitCommit: 457bc0eaf861c8c15c997333ce1d8108a138874bGitBranch: masterBuildTime: 2020-01-31_08:16_UTCGoVersion: go1.12.9
 type: filesystem
   path: /backup/

I have a 3 node - PSS cluster. I have pbm-agent setup on all 3 nodes. I take backup onto NFS mount point. Permissions look correct. PBM backups are successful.

When I try do restore, it automatically chose the primary for restore , but it failed at the end saying Not master. The mongoDB URI contains all the 3 nodes. And one node is primary.

2020/04/13 12:55:12 Got command restore 2020-04-13T11:21:15Z
2020/04/13 12:55:12 [INFO] Restore of '2020-04-13T11:21:15Z' started
2020-04-13T12:55:12.860+0000    preparing collections to restore from
2020-04-13T12:55:12.879+0000    finished restoring admin.myOutput (0 documents, 0 failures)
2020/04/13 12:55:12 [ERROR] restore: restore mongo dump (successes: 0 / fails: 0):    Output: error dropping collection: (NotMaster) not master
I then remove changed the URI to point to only the master and tried again, and getting the same error.

Any idea how to debug or what might cause this issue? The online docs does not say how to resolve this.
Should we be restoring on to a new empty cluster? or the existing cluster?


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