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Compile PMM client tools on Raspberry Pi 4

jbiancotjbiancot ContributorCurrent User Role Supporter

I have a Raspberry Pi 4, my idea was to be able to run:

pmm-admin config --server-url=https...pmm-admin add mysql 

Because on the same Pi, I have 2 docker containers, they run MySQL 5.7.x and they are slaves of 2 of MySQL servers running on the cloud - VulTR. The replication running on the Pi 4 inside containers works fine, but if the local containers go down or replication stops: I would like to be notified. Then, I have a PMM server running on the net. It will be great if the Pi can use the pmm-client tools to monitor the 2 containers and send stats to the PMM server - VulTR. I haven't found a easy way to install the pmm-client tools.

I downloaded the source for the PMM client:

But, I cannot find the steps/instructions to compile, and I don't see the aarch64 .deb compatible package.

[[email protected] ~]  uname -a

[[email protected] ~]  lsb_release -a

I even tried to run the docker image:  perconalab/pmm-client:dev-latest from the Docker Hub, but it doesn't work, I guess it is not cross compile and it will only work on Intel/AMD 64.

Any help, I will be appreciate.


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