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Backup all my DB servers to only one backup server

Samuel Marchán FernándezSamuel Marchán Fernández EntrantCurrent User Role Contributor
Hi guys i have a new server that i'm planning to use as backup, on this server i want to store the gziped DBs from all my other 13 servers.
Which is the best way to make a backup every hour from every server on the backup server?

Servers SO Linux Centos
All the 13 servers have WHM/Cpanel
The backup server have Centos 7.7 Only (No control panel)
I couldn't make the backups with cpanel because cpanel not allow make backups hourly.

Is possible to perform this with XtraBackup?


  • lorraine.pocklingtonlorraine.pocklington Percona Community Manager Legacy User Role Patron
    Hello @Samuel Marchán Fernández thanks your question. 
    Could you give a little more detail about the databases you want to back up? I notice for example you had a query, too, about Percona XtraDB Cluster. 
    If you could let us know what variant of MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Server for MySQL and the version(s) then I can ask the team if they have any suggestions. 
  • Samuel Marchán FernándezSamuel Marchán Fernández Entrant Current User Role Contributor
    Hi lorraine.pocklington thanks for reply.
    Actually we had a system running on all servers, that system is changing every minute it monitor ambulances and emergencies.
    Last month we had a drive failre and lost the information of 8 hours, because the backups are made daily, by this reason is what we are trying to make the backup of our databases hourly. A friend on discord recommended me Percona XtraBackup
    Mysql version 5.7 in most of them except on two that we have 5.5
    By this reason i wish you as experts give me the better advice.
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