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Query in "_pmm-query-analytics" does not show full text

Hi,  I have a query I see in the top queries in the dashboard _pmm-query-analytics, I can only see part of the query, looks like its cut after around 1000 characters. How can I view full query? Is there some setting I need to change?


  • andrii.skomorokovandrii.skomorokov Percona Software Engineer Percona Staff Role
    Thanks for your question! 
    I assume you are using MySQL.
    If you are using a slow log as a query source, the limit is 2*1024*10 = 20,480 - do not slow down the performance of parsing.
    And for query source  - perf schema - the limit is defined by MySQL variable sysvar_performance_schema_max_sql_text_length by default, it is 1024. So you can try to increase sysvar_performance_schema_max_sql_text_length to see full query.
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