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Fresh pmm-agent on Centos with PMM 2.4 does not have `pmm-admin check-network`

Should the documentation be different, or  version 2 has completely different commands set? 
I am running latest pmm Agent on Centos and Ubuntu servers. On both, output for `pmm-admin check-network` and `pmm-admin` is the same:
[[email protected] centos]# pmm-admin check-network
pmm-admin: error: expected command but got "check-network", try --help

[[email protected] centos]# pmm-admin
usage: pmm-admin []  [ ...]
Version 2.4.0
  -h, --help                   Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man)
      --version                Show application version
      --server-url=SERVER-URL  PMM Server URL in `https://username:[email protected]/` format
      --server-insecure-tls    Skip PMM Server TLS certificate validation
      --debug                  Enable debug logging
      --trace                  Enable trace logging (implies debug)
      --json                   Enable JSON output
  help [...]
    Show help
  config [] [] [] []
    Configure local pmm-agent
  list []
    Show Services and Agents running on this Node
    Show information about local pmm-agent
  summary []
    Fetch system data for diagnostics
  add mongodb [] [] []
    Add MongoDB to monitoring
  add mysql [] [] []
    Add MySQL to monitoring
  add postgresql [] [] []
    Add PostgreSQL to monitoring
  add proxysql [] [] []
    Add ProxySQL to monitoring
  register [] [] [] []
    Register current Node at PMM Server
  remove []  []
    Remove Service from monitoring

Am I doing something worng? 
pmm-admin check-network is documented in Documentation for 2.4  Section 3.4
To make sure that the new server is available run the pmm-admin check-network command from the computer where PMM Client is installed. Run this command as root or by using the sudo command


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