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Shouldn't the required xtrabackup version be a dependency of the XtraDB Cluster rpm?

tedrhnztedrhnz EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
More than a few times XtraDB Cluster has been updated in our environments but cluster members fail to start due to the below message.
The xtrabackup version is 2.4.xx. Needs xtrabackup-2.4.xx or higher to perform SST
Shouldn't the proper version of xtrabackup come up as a dependency when updating the XtraDB package that requires it? This is specifically for RHEL/Centos as I am not sure about other OSes. In our latest incidents we had to update xtrabackup on all the cluster members before the updated node would SST with any cluster members. And there were no clear messages in any logs as to the issue after xtrabackup was updated on single node where XtraDB was updated.


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