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pmm2 does not working

next1009next1009 ContributorCurrent User Role Contributor
pmm2 does not working.

i set pmm2 server with docker. also set client pmm2-client 2.2.2.

client server :
[root~] pmm-admin status

Agent ID: /agent_id/19a6ea86-ae43-4cce-9ab7-acec46d0d34b
Node ID : /node_id/eaff33c3-601e-4dcc-a705-8d274ffe9057

PMM Server:
Version: 2.2.2

Connected : true
Time drift: 354.963µs
Latency : 488.865µs

/agent_id/174de0fe-99c6-457f-a5e2-5327620e6cfb MYSQLD_EXPORTER RUNNING
/agent_id/f52c7192-6ce9-40eb-98cb-938d7ca684fc NODE_EXPORTER RUNNING

pmm2 server
[root~] docker ps -a

28ecfee789cd percona/pmm-server:2.2.2 "/opt/" 26 hours ago Up 25 hours>80/tcp,>443/tcp pmm2-svr-gr1
94ae08d92a96 percona/pmm-server:2.2.2 "/bin/true" 26 hours ago Created pmm2-data-gr1

it look like working. but server does not scrap data.

mysqld-agent is not connect mysql server.

i was checked user & password. it's worked.

I found the difference between working node and not working node.

network bonding => not working
network not bonding => working


what can i do? why does not working?

please help me.

I'm sorry for my low English.
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