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Warming mysql instance with MyRocks engine

yotlesyotles EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
Hello. So I'm trying to use mysql 8.0 with MyRocks engine with not fast disks and for some period of time after start I've got errors due to timeout. And cannot find
any mechanism like it was before with innodb(warming up the InnoDB Buffer Pool). Is there any implementations for this case that I didn't find in documentation?


  • daniil.bazhenovdaniil.bazhenov Percona Admin Role, API
    Hi @yotles
    I asked a question to the MyRocks Percona team. I hope this doesn't upset you too much:
    nope, there is no equivalent 'warming' for myrocks and no current plans

  • yotlesyotles Entrant Current User Role Novice
    @daniil.bazhenov Thank you for update.
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