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Strange behavior of visualization in Grafana.

StaterosStateros ContributorCurrent User Role Patron
Hello folks. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
I have a strange problem which I faced few days ago.
I have latest pmm-server 2.2.0 (docker) and pmm-client 2.2.0

On the screen you can see lot of duplicate metrics of "lag" metric. The same situation with all other mysql and linux metrics.
Data looks correct, but very confused, specially, when you need to make some investigation.

And one more thing: for each host I have 3 mysql_exporter like:
mysqld_exporter_agent_id_2d43b81d-6dea-4aad-8628-eab969a87056_hr-5s (1/1 up)[/h] [h=2]mysqld_exporter_agent_id_2d43b81d-6dea-4aad-8628-eab969a87056_lr-1m0s (1/1 up)[/h] [h=2]mysqld_exporter_agent_id_2d43b81d-6dea-4aad-8628-eab969a87056_mr-5s (1/1 up) is it valid situation?

What can I check, change for investigate this strange issue?


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