pt-kill logs say "#A software update is available:" but I have latest version

SgeddamSgeddam EntrantActive Member Participant
Hi All,

We see that "pt-query-digest" I]this is corrected below[/I prints a message in logs saying "# A software update is available:" but we see that we have the latest version of the Percona toolkit.

Attached is a screenshot of the version available:

Currently as of 11/20 latest version available for percona toolkit is 3.1.0.

So is this a bug because it says the latest version is available even after upgrading to the latest version.

Do let me know if I need to provide any further information.



  • SgeddamSgeddam Entrant Active Member Participant
    Hi All,

    A small correction we see this message in pt-kill logs instead of pt-query-digest.
  • carlos.salguerocarlos.salguero Percona Toolkit Developer Percona Mentor
    Thanks. All programs use the same library. I'll check it
  • SgeddamSgeddam Entrant Active Member Participant
    Hi Percona team,

    Any update on the issue mentioned on pt-kill logging.

    Satish g
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