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Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator backups management

martinfootmartinfoot ContributorCurrent User Role Novice
The Percona XtraDB Operator Backups documentation seems to be describing full backups but isn't specific about this. Is it desirable to support daily incremental backups? I can imagine there is a restriction when using an S3 compatible interface for backup storage since you'd have to download the previous backup to read e.g LSNs, but not for the filesystem storage type.

For users with non-trivial databases (let's say over a few tens of gigabytes in size), daily full backups would result in a large amount of data being created and it can take a long time.

Sub-question (and possible bug): for the above to be possible with the filesystem storage type, the job must have a PVC. I can see the documentation describing this and an example in the deploy/cr.yaml file ("daily-backup"). I can also see that my job has completed:
% kubectl get pods | grep daily
daily-backup-1572998400-knj75                          0/1       Completed   0          7h33m

but I do not see any volumes or PVCs for the job:
% kubectl get pvc
NAME                                             STATUS    VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
cluster1-xb-cron-cluster1-20191031094835-18xf6   Bound     pvc-81891b84-154a-4598-a2f7-a2ff0a68bd52   6Gi        RWO            standard       2d7h
cluster1-xb-cron-cluster1-20191101095210-18xf6   Bound     pvc-fb1937da-7ea5-4b43-91a5-d8226ea02a3b   6Gi        RWO            standard       2d7h
cluster1-xb-cron-cluster1-20191105093402-h05wm   Bound     pvc-4b39f379-03a1-493b-aa39-1dffdcbb81a3   6Gi        RWO            standard       31h
cluster1-xb-cron-cluster1-20191106092710-h05wm   Bound     pvc-ccc55fba-6e82-4222-baec-c14493439202   6Gi        RWO            standard       7h34m
datadir-cluster1-pxc-0                           Bound     pvc-270606d9-e11b-4ba3-ad6d-52f694ccdde7   6Gi        RWO            local-path     2d7h
datadir-cluster1-pxc-1                           Bound     pvc-269e53f8-7e41-40c3-867c-69f2c3193975   6Gi        RWO            local-path     2d7h
datadir-cluster1-pxc-2                           Bound     pvc-6332a999-cf66-4baf-93ad-3d2f22031e90   6Gi        RWO            local-path     2d7h
datadir-cluster1-pxc-3                           Bound     pvc-6a88e735-29c5-4bf7-a0dd-86d3bd82529c   6Gi        RWO            local-path     104m
datadir-cluster1-pxc-4                           Bound     pvc-c105ee1d-af8f-4fb6-9ec0-c98b12937b4a   6Gi        RWO            local-path     103m
proxydata-cluster1-proxysql-0                    Bound     pvc-8296f94b-34da-4c0f-8435-8d5abc38b4cb   2Gi        RWO            local-path     2d7h
proxydata-cluster1-proxysql-1                    Bound     pvc-5d0cd5ac-40a0-4c8a-9e28-63bb4572acec   2Gi        RWO            local-path     99m

and there is no volume either. I can see them for the cron example.

Looking at the pod itself, it looks like the volume was not mounted into the pod at all:
% kubectl get pod daily-backup-1572998400-knj75 -o yaml | grep -A 4 volume
    - mountPath: /var/run/secrets/
      name: percona-xtradb-cluster-operator-token-g5brh
      readOnly: true
  dnsPolicy: ClusterFirst
  - name: percona-xtradb-cluster-operator-token-g5brh
      defaultMode: 420
      secretName: percona-xtradb-cluster-operator-token-g5brh

Is this a bug?

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