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Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator without ProxySQL

martinfootmartinfoot ContributorCurrent User Role Novice
ProxySQL does not support the LOAD DATA INFILE syntax.

Ignoring the security issues, I believe it's still the fastest way to bulk load data into MySQL. As the MySQL Reference Manual suggests:
When loading a table from a text file, use LOAD DATA. This is usually 20 times faster than using INSERT statements. See Section 13.2.6, “LOAD DATA Syntax”.

It is possible with the operator to set size:0 on the ProxySQL section to not spawn any ProxySQL pods. It is also possible to use the service exposed by PXC to connect directly and bypass ProxySQL. Using this method our application's batch job successfully completes.

Could I please ask what the recommendation would be (other than migrating away from LOAD DATA INFILE, given that it may be removed/replaced in a future version of MySQL)? Options as I can see it are:
  • Do not use ProxySQL. Other than not getting any of ProxySQL's features, does this impede PXC / the operator's behaviour?
  • Connect directly to a PXC instance exposed by the service only for code that needs LOAD DATA INFILE. Is this pattern discouraged?
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