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How to use the qan only in my system?


first a big thank you to the percona stuff. I love PMM!

My english is poor, I am very sorry about that.

I have another exporter node in my CentOS7 Server before, it include linux_node and mysql_node.and now , when I install the pmm-client in my CentOS7 Server, it will install anther exporter which use the port 42000 and 42001, but I only want to use the PMMto analyze the query, I think the more exporter run in my Server , the more resource it use.

So,Please tell me ,How can I do to close the PMM exporter node to catch Server's metrics and the MySQL's metrics, only leave the qan agent to analyze the MySQL query?

Thank You!


  • zhandyzhandy Entrant Current User Role Novice
    My PMM version is 2.0.1,It looks much different than the
    Previous version, When I use the 1.7.1, I can close the linux exporter and the mysql exporter individually, what I want to use is the qan agent.
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