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Join to cluster when have more than one directory mysq-data

jazzjazz EntrantInactive User Role Novice
Hello, All.
I have database with tables that have several partitions. And some partitons placed into another volume.
At runtime i can create partiton in different data-dirs, because node have identical data-paths. But when need node rejoin to cluster, appear a problem:

1) SST-transfer clear mysql-data dir, but not clear other dir where was partitions. On stage innobackupex-move i have error "Destination file exists" and SST end with error. I can manually delete these files but have a second problem
2) The entire database does not fit in one volume. And when SST in progress all tables placed into .sst dir inside mysql-data. In these volume not enough space for all data. SST will still fail.

How to join these nodes?
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