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PMM Query Analytics for Postgres & Aurora Postgres

suvkumsuvkum EntrantInactive User Role Novice
Did anyone tried query analytics for postgres and RDS? In status for qan-postgresql-pgstatements-agent it show Waiting.

Agent type Status Agent ID Service ID
pmm-agent connected /agent_id/03b9432d-1492-45d2-959b-0519047d3c5d
node_exporter running /agent_id/e011ddd1-bdc8-43b3-98de-710344eb0ec2
postgres_exporter running /agent_id/8acd987f-9f76-4ad1-87b9-a995e6d09c04 /service_id/87fc07a8-ea20-4ca3-a4f9-85da82816e56

qan-postgresql-pgstatements-agent waiting /agent_id/7a3565e9-c513-4c69-8b51-cf96e48e40ed /service_id/87fc07a8-ea20-4ca3-a4f9-85da82816e56


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