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innobackupex/xtrabackup and partitioned tables?

j4nd3r53nj4nd3r53n ContributorCurrent User Role Novice
Sorry, I'm rather new to this, so please forgive if I ask something obvious (I have searched, but came up blank). So, I have inherited a number of mysql databases with backups stretching back several years. The backups are of single databases (MySQL 5.5), mostly, and they all contain partitioned tables. As I understand it, in order to restore a single database, I have to do it table by table, but right now I'm blocked at the partitioned tables - I'm trying to extract the table definitions with mysqlfrm, which dosn't seem to understand the partitioned files. I know this program isn't developed by Percona, but I'm a bit worried that there may be problems waiting later on, when I try to import partitioned tables (?)

And, of course, if somebody around here knows mysqlfrm and can help me with that, that would be great too!


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