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Stand-alone install of XtraBackup 2.4 contains Xbstream 1.0 (CentOS 6)

RoyBattyRoyBatty EntrantUsers Awaiting Email Confirmation Participant
Hey there,

So like the title says, the XtraBackup 2.4.4 for CentOS 6, found here:

downloads and installs perfectly on Centos 6 and is able to do an xbstream backup encrypted, (using --encrypt), from my Mysql 5.5 system but I cannot use xbstream --decrypt function on it, since ver 1.0 doesn't have that functionality.

The stand-alone install for Xtrabackup 8.0 does have the latest version of xbstream but Xtrabackup will not create a backup from my version of Mysql.

Is there any way to get a more comparable version of Xbstream?

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