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Stand-alone install of XtraBackup 2.4 contains Xbstream 1.0 (CentOS 6)

RoyBattyRoyBatty EntrantInactive User Role Novice
Hey there,

So like the title says, the XtraBackup 2.4.4 for CentOS 6, found here:

downloads and installs perfectly on Centos 6 and is able to do an xbstream backup encrypted, (using --encrypt), from my Mysql 5.5 system but I cannot use xbstream --decrypt function on it, since ver 1.0 doesn't have that functionality.

The stand-alone install for Xtrabackup 8.0 does have the latest version of xbstream but Xtrabackup will not create a backup from my version of Mysql.

Is there any way to get a more comparable version of Xbstream?

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