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mysqld_safe missing in packages fpr Percona DB 8.x provided via yum repository

McAMcA EntrantCurrent User Role Supporter
Hi all,

I just wanted to give Percona DB 8.x on CentOS 7 a try and installed it from the yum repository provided by Percona. I've searched around, but couldn't find mysqld_safe. Is this a packaging bug or intentional? (I don't want to start it from systemd).

Best regards


  • lorraine.pocklingtonlorraine.pocklington Percona Community Manager Legacy User Role Patron
    Hello McA, thanks for your question.

    Our standard approach is to use systemd, so mysqld_safe is normally not included in the packages.

    I've asked the dev team and they could add it to the package, but if you'd like them to do that have requested a JIRA report so that they can integrate it into their workflow. If you'd like to do that they can take a look at adding it?

    The benefit of doing that is that you'll be alerted with progress updates, too.
  • McAMcA Entrant Current User Role Supporter
    Hi Lorraine,

    thank you for coming back to me with this issue so fast. Just filed a Jira ticket PS-5834

    Best regards
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