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tokudb restore

jjengel11jjengel11 EntrantCurrent User Role Patron
I am having no luck restoring from a tokudb backup. I am using tokudb version 5.7.23-24 on mysql 5.7.23-24 (centos 7.6). I've followed the docs on how to backup tokudb.

set tokudb_backup_dir='/data/backups';

This backs up successfully. I rsync the files that the backup created in /data/backups/mysql_data_dir to the remote system under the my.cnf datadir directory and I also rsync'd the backup files in /data/backups/mysql_log_bin to the log_bin directory on the remote system.

When I go to start mysql on the remote system it is just a continuous loop of restarting. The db never recovers and I see this in the log file

Checksum failure while reading header in file ./dbname/path_to_some_file.tokudb.

I've tried multiple times to backup and restore and it never works.

There doesn't seem to be much documentation on restoring tokudb. I imagine it should work like backing up and restoring an xtrabackup backup.

My ultimate goal is to setup a master slave environment.

Any pointers on the correct way to restore a tokudb backup would be most helpful.


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