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Debian 7 + MySQL 5.5 to Debian 9/10 + MySQL 8

Just looking for high-level feedback to make sure I'm starting in the right direction. We currently have a multi-site cluster running Deb 7 with Percona 5.5. Our plan is to upgrade to Deb 9 (possibly 10) and it would seem to make the most sense to go to Percona 8

In my mind, my simple solution is to simply build new Deb 9 + Percona 8 nodes and join them to the cluster. Let SST do it's magic and then remove the old nodes from the cluster. Old DB nodes: "server1", "server2", "server3" and new DB nodes: "server4", "server5", "server6".

Sounds easy... Might it actually work?

I'd probably want to rename the Deb 9 + Percona 8 servers to "server1", "server2", "server3".


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