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MySQL 8 is slower than 5.7?

abhabh EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
I have been read all the blog relate to MySQL 8 or review about this version and i found it may true about the performance

my MySQL 8 compile


and then i just do very simple test and compare between 2 same hardware for MySQL 5.7 & MySQL 8

If i do insert a table (let's say attendance table with 7 field) with ~80 millions records and ~9GB, the 5.7 took around 2 hours something and MySQL 8 took almost 15 hours

I also test complex queries and found MySQL 8 always respond slower than 5.7

SELECT CONCAT(employees.employee_id,' - ',employees.display_name) FROM employees LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM employee_positions ep1 WHERE ep1.deleted = 0 AND ep1.`effective_date` = (SELECT MAX(`effective_date`) FROM employee_positions ep2 WHERE ep2.`employee` = ep1.`employee` AND ep2.effective_date <= '2019-03-05' AND ep2.deleted=0) AND ep1.`id` = (SELECT MAX(`id`) FROM employee_positions ep3 WHERE ep3.`employee` = ep1.`employee` AND ep3.effective_date = ep1.effective_date AND ep3.deleted=0)) as eep ON = eep.employee WHERE (employees.employee_id LIKE '%A%' OR employees.display_name LIKE '%A%') AND employees.deleted=0 AND employees.status=5 AND employees.entity=1 AND <> 1 AND employees.user_type <> 5 AND NOT IN (SELECT employee FROM resignation WHERE leaving_date <= '2019-03-05' AND deleted=0 AND entity=1 AND is_final_payment=0) AND eep.department IN (SELECT id FROM departments WHERE deleted=0 AND `status`=5 AND entity=1 AND ((secretary=25416) OR (secretary LIKE '25416,%') OR (secretary LIKE '%,25416') OR (secretary LIKE '%,25416,%')) AND approval_status=5) LIMIT 10;
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