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Fastest way to backup and restore databases?

thinh2610thinh2610 EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
Currently, I have databases with 2.2TB of data. I am using Xtrabackup as follows:

1) innobackupex --rsync --user=xxx --password=xxx --no-timestamp --compress --compress-threads=4 $BACKUP_DIR/FULL

2) for bf in `find $BACKUP_DIR/FULL -iname "*\.qp"`; do qpress -d $bf $(dirname $bf) ;echo "processing" $bf; rm $bf; done

3) innobackupex --apply-log --redo-only $BACKUP_DIR/FULL > $BACKUP_DIR/log_prepare.txt 2>&1

4) tar -czvf FULL.tar.gz FULL/

The total time for the backup process is 2.5 days.
The total time for restore in another server is 1 days (uncompress tar.gz file and copy back)

I'm not thinking of any way to backup and restore data in the shortest time.

Looking forward to receiving help from everyone.

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