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PMM MySQL network traffic graphs metics values are not constant

Hi Team,

Please help me to understand how MySQL Network Traffic dashboard is working on PMM, its values are keep on changing based seleted time range.
If I select Last 6 hours time range, I could see below metric at 11:40 AM
inbound : 1.74 GB
outbound : 289 KB

If I select Last 1 hours time range, I could see below metric at 11:40 AM
inbound : 10.89 GB
outbound : 289 KB

Metrics Queries:
rate(mysql_global_status_bytes_received{instance="$host"}[$interval]) or irate(mysql_global_status_bytes_received{instance="$host"}[5m])

rate(mysql_global_status_bytes_sent{instance="$host"}[$interval]) or irate(mysql_global_status_bytes_sent{instance="$host"}[5m])

I can see huge difference for inbound metrics and some time seeing outbound values also changing

Please help to understand how the graph values are calculating based on selected time rang .

FYI: Attached for your reference.

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