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Percona Server for MySQL Replication and TRUNCATE statement

apmakeevapmakeev EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
Hi All!
Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.23-23 with RBR replication (RFR, TokuDB tables).
According to Oracle MySQL documentation TRUNCATE TABLE is normally must be regarded as a DML statement in row-based replication. However, I am faced with a situation where it does not work and my replica is continuously growing. In my opinion, this is wrong:(

So I have two questions.
1. What is normal behavior of TRUNCATE TABLE statement in Percona Server for MySQL with TokuDB tables?
2. What is the right way to delete data in this case?

And another short question.
Sometimes, rarely, database transactions are added to the replica, which in my case should not be replicated (using binlog_do_db). Is there a more reliable way to filter databases for replication.

Thanks for any advice!
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