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use backup on slave to rebuild 5.7 slave ,replication report duplicate key error

Zhixin LiZhixin Li EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
Oracle Linux Server release 6.9

M --- Master
S1 --- Slave
S2 --- New Slave

I use xtrabackup on slave S1 with backup option "--throttle=20 --user=root --port=3306 --slave-info --no-timestamp --galera-info"

After backup complete, I got following file.

#cat xtrabackup_slave_info
CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_LOG_FILE='mysql-bin.001919', MASTER_LOG_POS=191701740;

#cat xtrabackup_binlog_info
mysql-bin.000015 547626853 2eee2fba-3ef2-11e8-9f73-fe9af3d53fb1:1-204643393,

#cat xtrabackup_checkpoints
backup_type = full-backuped
from_lsn = 0
to_lsn = 1536697629997
last_lsn = 1537515216118
compact = 0
recover_binlog_info = 0

#cat xtrabackup_info
uuid = a073eb7a-4a2f-11e9-bac6-fe33b7d746c5
name =
tool_name = innobackupex
tool_command = --defaults-file=/tmp/3306.cnf --host= --throttle=20 --user=root --port=3306 --slave-info --no-timestamp --galera-info /home/mysql/hotbak/20190319_10.11.11.11_3306
tool_version = 2.4.13
ibbackup_version = 2.4.13
server_version = 5.7.25-28-log
start_time = 2019-03-19 17:20:07
end_time = 2019-03-19 18:13:22
lock_time = 0
binlog_pos = filename 'mysql-bin.000015', position '547626853', GTID of the last change '2eee2fba-3ef2-11e8-9f73-fe9af3d53fb1:1-204643393,
innodb_from_lsn = 0
innodb_to_lsn = 1536697629997
partial = N
incremental = N
format = file
compact = N
compressed = N
encrypted = N

And i use this backup to restore a new slave S2, and reconfigure replication (got postion from xtrabackup_slave_info), but when i start slave i got "Duplicate entry Error"

Duplicate entry '135778308' for key 'PRIMARY', Error_code: 1062; handler error HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_KEY;

I check the data with new slave, the duplicate data is exists.

and I use mysqlbinlog to analyze Master's binlog and slave S1's binlog。Both S1 and S2 are log_slave_update=on.

the result is: the binlog position with data record in xtrabackup_slave_info is elder than the binlog position with data record in xtrabackup_binlog_info.
The master writes and updates are frequent.

I also use xtrabackup on Percona5.5 slave with --slave-info , and rebuild slave ,it's ok。
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